Somnowell Clear

Somnowell Clear

The Somnowell Clear is one of the most affordable alternatives to the Somnowell Chrome. Its ideal for people who wish to trial a mandibular advancement device before committing to a Somnowell Chrome, it is a short term solution at a lower cost.

The Somnowell Clear enables you to see the effectiveness of a mandibular advancement device (MAD) for yourself. It will help you experience the life changing benefits that can occur when your snoring and sleep apnoea are controlled or managed.

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Unique Benefits

  • Created by a Visiting Professor and his master techncians
  • Individual single position bite balancing for your unique anatomy
  • Jaw alignment that works in harmony with your body
  • Reduced cost for transitioning into the Somnowell Chrome
  • Custom colours to fit your style preferences

Additional Features

  • Made from thermo acrylic plastics and stainless steel
  • A dual cure acrylic is used to enhance comfort and fit
  • Designed using proven technology
  • Strong stainless steel elements that are easy to maintain
  • Custom made to fit your teeth and gums
  • Easily adjusted by practitioners


Hand-Made Under The Supervision Of a master technician

The Somnowell Clear is made to exacting standards in the Somnowell laboratory under the supervision of master Somnowell technicians.

Master technicians will create your Somnowell Clear using their wealth of experience and expertise.

Fits Your Mouth Perfectly

The Somnowell clear is adapted to fit the shape of your teeth and gums..

Bite Balancing

The Somnowell Clear is built on a simple hinge articulator to the bite supplied by the dentist. The master technicians are then able to balance the device to this postured bite position.

The Benefits Of Bite Balancing Are...

  • Better comfort
  • A more sound and healthy bite
  • More stability in the device

Improved Jaw Management

The Somnowell Clear follows the same principles as the Somnowell Chrome. Your bite is carefuilly considered when building your device.

The Benefits Of This Are...

  • Easier jaw mobility that's more gentle on your joints
  • Helps restore healthy, natural movement of your jaw
  • Can help alleviate symptoms of jaw pain

Soft, Comfortable, Customized Design

The Somnowell Clear is created from high quality thermoplastic. Each tray is created from a high quality thermoplastic to which is aded accrylic to aid bite balancing.

Best Equipment Available

The stainless steel jaw protrusion elements are located outside the dental arches. These protrusion devices can be fine tuned by the dentist to meet the individual patients needs and adjusted to meet your unique and changing needs.

Comfortable For The Gums

The edges of each Somnowell Clear tray are designed to carefully fit your gums. Your device will be comfortable, look great, and work more effectively for your gums.

Customized Colours

The Somnowell Clear is available in either a clear, blue, or pink lower tray. In addition to letting you customise your device, this will help you know which side is the top.


Warranty for the Somnowell Clear Thermoplastic Appliance

The metal components only of the Somnowell Clear are warranted against manufacturing defects for 1 year from the date shown on the patient statement / delivery note.

The warranty does not include:

Accidental damage or breakages occurring outside of the mouth.

Device distortion, breakages or damage due to jaw parafunction, bruxism, wear and tear following use. A returned device which has altered in shape is confirmation of the presence of bruxism and/or jaw parafunction.

The metal fixing parts, where these physically connect to the thermoplastic gum shields, often fail as a direct consequence of jaw parafunction and or bruxism. Such failures are not a defect in manufacture and are not covered by the Somnowell warranty. Unfortunately the forces involved with jaw parafunction and bruxism are greater than that which the device materials can withstand.

The warranty does not cover repairs or alterations made by unauthorised persons. The device should be returned to the original prescribing clinician.

Somnowell Ltd reserve the right to alter the terms of the warranty without notice.