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Photos of a Man and Woman Wearing a Somnowell

A selection of photographs that show a man and woman wearing a Somnowell mandibular advancement appliance. 

Sleep and breathe normally

The Somnowell's tailor-made slim-line design means that you can normally close your lips and breathe as you would do naturally. This helps to avoid getting a dry mouth and greatly enhances the comfort and therefore the long-term usage.

Hardly noticeable...

Whilst wearing the Somnowell it is normally hardly noticeable. Many users wear the Somnowell whilst on long flights and greatly appreciate its discreetness and effectiveness.

...even when smiling

Even when smiling the Somnowell is hardly noticeable. Using a device that you feel confident about will further aid the long-term usage.

Open wide...

The Somnowell enables you to open and close your mouth normally. Devices that restrict the jaw movement or lock the jaws together are often uncomfortable for people to wear and they will tend give up using them.

...and side to side

Being able to move your jaw from side to side is important for the jaw joints. This helps to avoid having a stiff and achy jaw in the morning. Many Man and Woman Wearing a Somnowells don't allow this and as a result some people experience jaw pain.

Now time for a drink

Many people like to take a drink of water at bed time or during the night. The Somnowell allows you to drink water or take medication such as tablets without needing to remove the Somnowell and whilst wearing the device.

Video of a Man Wearing a Somnowell

In this video a man tries a plastic mandibular advancement device and then a Somnowell mandibular advancement appliance.

The Somnowell mandibular advancement appliance is also recommended by:

  • Sleep Centres
  • ENT Surgeons, Sleep Physicians, Respiratory Physicians
  • Orthodontists, Dentists
  • General Medical Practitioners