Digital Marketing Service

Digital Marketing Service

Our new digital marketing service can provide new patients for all your treatments, and help you stay ahead of the game.

This is limited to one practice in each area so as to avoid conflict of interest, and to enable us to provide the best possible results for one practice at the lowest advertising cost.

Complete Service

This is a complete service. All you will need to do is:
  • Decide what services you want more patients for.
  • Decide on the geographical area that you want to cover.
  • Ensure that the incoming enquiries are being dealt with.
  • Let us know your monthly budget.

We will set-up and manage all the digital marketing campaigns for you. The highest level of expertise will be applied to the creation, monitoring, and optimisation of your campaigns. We will set-up and manage all the digital marketing campaigns for you. The highest level of expertise will be applied to the creation, monitoring, and optimisation of your campaigns. Our specialists are masters level certified in digital marketing. We work with the industries leading experts and together we will personally design and manage your digital marketing campaigns. We will also be using our award nominated team of designers and copywriters to create your adverts and optimise your website.

The Potential

Digital is the most advanced form of advertising and in 2015 the UK is forecast to become the first country in the world where more than half of all advertising is spent on digital media.
"My name is Joel McDonald, and I am an Author and a Google AdWords consultant. I've reviewed hundreds of Advertising accounts, and working with Somnowell Marketing has been an absolute pleasure. Their accounts are some of the most organized and well-performing accounts I've looked at. If they are managing your Advertising budget for your local Dental practice, you can rest assured that your advertising budget is in extremely capable hands."Joel McDonald
Author: Google AdWords for Dummies

How it Works


    To begin with we will use Google Search (89% market share) to target people who are actively looking for the services you want more patients for. We will do the keyword research, set up the ad groups and campaigns, write the text ads, and design the image ads.

    When someone clicks on any of your ads they will go to highly optimized webpages that we create for each treatment.

    There is no limit to the number of ads or campaigns we will create for you. This is ideal if you want to run a special offer for example, or if you want to test a new service.


    We will set up remarketing campaigns for you so that visitors to your site will see other ads from you around the internet. This is extremely effective in reminding people about your service if they do not make the enquiry on the first visit. If people are 'shopping around' they will be reminded of you and get the impression that you do a lot of advertising and are a prominent practice. These can also be used to further educate the patient about why they should get the treatment.

    We will use our designers and copywriters to create your remarketing image ads for you. These ads can also be used on your own website as banners if you wish.


    Our marketing expertise also extends to Google Display, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These can be extremely effective channels for acquiring more patients. If you decide you want more patients than Google Search has to offer then we will create, set-up, and manage campaigns in these other channels for you.


    On a daily basis we will monitor the results to make sure that all the campaigns are performing well. This will involve making micro-adjustments to each keyword bid to ensure the patient leads are required for the desired cost.

    We will also send you a detailed weekly report so you can see the number of times each ad has been seen and the number of times each ad has been clicked, plus the costs for each advertised service so you can work out the ROI based on the generated income.


    On an ongoing basis we will split test the ads to continually improve their performance.

    We will also optimise your website so that when people visit your site they are more likely to become a patient.


    Our social media specialists have been trained by some of the world's leading experts and can personally advise you on how to get set-up and manage your social media profiles.

    Social media when done properly can greatly enhance your brand and search engine rankings.


    If you want us to manage your social media for you we can do this.

    We are also happy to use our award nominated team of designers, copywriters, and programmers if you want us to make other changes to your website.


There is a small all inclusive management fee. We do not charge extra for setting everything up or managing campaigns on other platforms (i.e. Facebook, Bing). There is no minimum term and you can cancel at any time.

Your monthly advertising budget is whatever you want it to be and can be changed at any time. We can discuss this with you and help you decide a starting budget and ongoing budgets. We will open the advertising accounts (Google Adwords etc) for you and you will pay them directly.

Outperform the Competition in Your Exclusive Marketing Area

Having this level of expertise managing your digital marketing means that you will outperform your competition and your advertising budget will be kept to a minimum. In fact we won't work with your competition as we will only work with one practice in each area.

"I have experienced at least a ten fold increase in the number of positive leads to my practice. Once the patients have attended clinic then the actual conversion to treatment has been absolutely incredible. For a small investment the results have been amazing."Dr. Simon Ash
Specialist Orthodontist
"Somnowell Marketing have been advising and managing our digital marketing strategy and social campaigns for We have found them to be extremely professional, very knowledgable and highly efficient."
Tim Molony
Compare The Treatment - Founder & Managing Director