Dr. Owen Crotty

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Contact Form for Dr. Owen Crotty

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Dr. Owen Crotty
Address and Contact Details

Crotty Orthodontics
Rhodaville House
Douglas Road
T: 021 429 1104

Crotty Orthodontics
10 Wolfe Tone Way
Co. Cork
T: 023 883 4964

Dr. Crotty has specialised in orthodontics for over 25 years and is one of the most experienced Orthodontists in Ireland. He has been Somnowell certified since 2011 and, with extensive family ties in Medicine, he has a keen interest in the important field of sleep apnoea & snoring. The Somnowell appliance is designed around a basic orthodontic appliance, but extensively modified, refined and modernised. With Dr. Crotty's experience in orthodontics and his dental & medical knowledge, he is ideally placed to provide an excellent service for you. Dr. Crotty qualified in dentistry in 1984 and gained his Fellowship of the Royal Colleges in 1988, MSc from the University of London in 1990 and Membership of the Royal Colleges in 1991. On the broader front. Dr. Crotty is considered by many to be the most technologically advanced practitioners in Ireland. He is one of Ireland's leading Invisalign providers and is a member of the Invisalign European Advisory Board. He has pioneered the Suresmile system in Ireland and is at the leading edge of digital advances in orthodontics. He lectures internationally on his special interest fields.

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