Dr. Claudia Horsman

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Contact Form for Dr. Claudia Horsman

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Dr. Claudia Horsman
Address and Contact Details

Tisbury Dental Centre
High Street
T: 01747 870743

Claudia gained her degree in dentistry at the University of Dresden (Germany) in 1991 and registered with the General Dental Council in Britain in 1993. (GDC number 68747) When Claudia first moved to Britain in 1996, she lived and worked in Scotland. In 2005 Claudia moved to England and has been working at Tisbury Dental Centre since.

Claudia became interested in snoring devices around 2006 and has – over the years – helped numerous patients. She also works hand in hand with sleep clinics at local hospitals.

Claudia is married to an Englishman (that's how she came here) and has 2 children, 2 dogs, a cat and 6 chickens. She loves the outdoors and countryside pursuits.

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