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SLEEPA nocturnal polysomnogram may cause endless anxiety due to the requirement to spend a night at the sleep lab/center. You will have numerous questions surrounding the requirements and the nature of the test.

Key takeaways:

·        Sleep technologists are all prepared for any inquiries from patients to ensure that it is a relaxing and comfortable experience for all irrespective of healthcare...

PHONEYou might want to take back the smartphone or tablet from your kids. The findings of a study of 26,000 children have revealed the strongest evidence that bedtime use of electronic devices has a close association to inadequate sleep and poor sleep.

Key takeaways:

·        Children who use mobile media devices at bedtime had a two times greater risk of sleeping less than the recommended nine hours of...

sleeping with petApproximately half of dog owners and half of cat owners invite their pet to sleep next to them in bed. However, sleeping next to a pet may have some negative health effects.

Key takeaways:

· The steady breathing of the pet can help people feel more content due to the release of oxytocin.

· On the other hand, pets could be a source of sleep disruption due to frequent movements, snoring, and other...