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In this news coverage from the BBC Mr Mike Oko from the Snoring Disorders Centre in Lincolnshire UK calls for haulage companies to screen their drivers.


Multi factorial, life style, stress, trauma to the joints muscles or jaws. Unbalanced bites especially jaw displacements, muscle spasm.

Aggravating factors

Lifestyle e.g lack of sleep, disturbed sleep, cold environment, life’s stresses

Trauma, changes in the mouth e.g. new restorations, loss of teeth, high fillings, jaw displacements. Dietary factors e.g. drinks with stimulants, red meat, coffee, cafeen.

History & features...


Wear of the enamel of the teeth showing as shiny polished areas on the tooth surface in its minimal form to repeat fractures of the teeth, chipping of the incisor tips, vertical stress lines on the teeth, “abfraction” at the gum margins of teeth e.g. depressions of the thin enamel dentine areas of teeth previously thought to be caused by excess tooth brushing. The teeth may reduce in overall size so that typically the incisors will be shortened  giving rise to a generalised flattening of the teeth with loss if incisor tips, cusp tips height of...