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yawningYawning is a common occurrence and a typical symptom of fatigue. However yawning could also point to a serious health problem.

Key takeaways:

·         Yawning is contagious and there will be involuntary imitations once you see someone else yawn.

·         Yawning flexes the walls of the sinus cavity and helps to regulate brain temperature....

stressedStress has far-reaching health effects. Heightened heart rate and a racing mind are bad combination for your health.

Key takeaways:

·         A study has found a direct link between anxiety and the rhythm of sleep. The brain gets too aroused and stimulated to sleep.

·         The failure to get sleep due to stress  also triggers...

sleep apneaSleep apnoea is characterized by the partial or complete blockage of a person’s airways causing intermittent pauses in breathing. A growing body of evidence has linked sleep apnoea to glucose intolerance, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Key takeaways:

·        People with severe obstructive sleep apnoea were 70 percent more likely to develop diabetes compared to healthy...