ear painPeople complain and suffer from chronic headaches some of which are ignored by taking large doses of painkillers. According to Dr. Khatri-Panjabi, a pain specialist says that pain in the orofacial area and the recurrent headaches is often the result of problems far from the area. Some of the pain is also misdiagnosed as being caused by stress.


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Temporomandibular joint disorders can cause pain and tenderness in the face and jaw area, limited ability in opening of the mouth, clicking or grating sounds in the jaw joint, swelling and many other problems. This is why TMJ disorders need to be diagnosed and treated immediately. The TMJ Association, Ltd. (TMJA), a Research!America member, was founded in 1989 in Milwaukee, WI to improve the quality of...

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A number of studies have been undertaken to evaluate the relationship between temporomandibular joint disorder and the development of the human body as well as posture.

Dr. Ellen Manalang, a Cranio Facial Orthodontics-Orthopedics specialist says that even the IQ of a child can be affected. Problems associated with TMJD include back pain, improper bite and incorrect jaw position. Treatment of TMJD has also given relief to many of these associated problems.


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