hypertensionA study reveals that patients with resistant hypertension have a higher incidence of sleep apnoea. Resistant hypertension (high blood pressure) that stays elevated even with the strongest therapy - three antihypertensive agents of different classes.

The resistant hypertensive patients with sleep apnoea are at a high risk of ischemic heart disease and congestive heart failure. However, their risk of stroke and premature...

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sleep debtMissing your bedtime is easy when you catch a favorite program on TV late in the night, stay up to complete a project, or join friends for a drink.

The result is sleep debt -- the difference between the sleep you need and the amount that you’re actually getting. Sleeping in over the weekend doesn’t make up for the lost hours of sleep.

Extra sleep over the weekend will only help reduce daytime sleepiness and...

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The effect of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) on cardiovascular biomarkers is not well known. The study sought to assess the effects of OSA treatment on oxidative stress/inflammation makers.

The researchers report that for moderate to severe OSA, two month CPAP therapy did not reduce oxidative stress even in consideration of a broad range of measures, hypoxia burden, and positive airway pressure adherence.

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