undiagnosed manAn estimated 50 percent of Americans snore while they sleep. Snoring is the major symptom of sleep apnoea, a sleep-disordered breathing condition. The risk factors of sleep apnoea are obesity, family history of sleep apnoea, and history of both diabetes and hypertension.

The brain of sleep apnoea patients prevents suffocation by jerking them between deep sleep and light sleep, and even momentary wakefulness that...

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People with sleep apnoea and other conditions such as Down syndrome and asthma are at greater risk of developing keratoconus. Keratoconus is a serious eye condition characterized by a weak cornea that becomes cone-shaped causing progressive near sightedness particularly at a young age. Treatment of the condition as well as sleep apnoea helps to save vision.

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The role of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)-related systemic and airway neutrophilic inflammation in asthma bronchial inflammation or remodelling has been hardly investigated. The study sought to compare the hallmarks of inflammation in induced sputum and features of airway remodelling in bronchial biopsies from adult patients with severe asthma with and without OSA. Researchers found that mild OSA in patients with severe asthma is associated with increased proportion of neutrophils in sputum and changes in airway remodelling.

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