dentistWhy Are You Prescribing Bruxism Appliances?

Bruxism is a very common dental problem which is reported in one out of every three patients visiting the dentist’s practice. Bruxism is closely associated with migraines, headaches, temporomandibular disorders (TMD), and orofacial pain in the head and neck. However, bruxism is the least understood dental problem.

Dental professionals who do not have adequate information about bruxism...

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The direct connection between sleep fragmentation, upper airways resistance, sleepiness and bruxism were discussed at the Henry Schein Dental Sleep Complete meetings. Sleep fragmentation, RERA's and flow limitation will combine to provide a diagnosis of upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS). Patients with high flow limitation index will complain of sleepiness.

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teeth grindingBruxism can occur when sleeping or awake. Both forms of the condition are prevented and treated in the same way but they are thought to be brought about by different causes. Treatment has been explored to try and find an effective cure for bruxism.

Interest has been heightened in the use of biofeedback. Biofeedback is a behavioural change method that is accomplished using electronic stimulation every time bruxism occurs....

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