distrubedPeople suffering from bruxism do not experience calm and peaceful sleep. Teeth grinding and teeth clenching have made their sleep become disrupted. This problem can go undetected for a very long period of time making their symptoms all the more serious to their general health.

The common symptoms are jaw pain,...

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Stress can manifest itself in many different ways such as teeth grinding (bruxism). Bruxism may cause damage to teeth and even loss of teeth. According to Dr. Wang Chen, many people are not aware of the problem and that regular teeth grinding can lead to other problems. He continues to say that teeth grinding can be treated using a mouth guard and it is also important to deal with the causes of stress.

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Teeth grinding is a problem especially when it becomes habitual. The teeth are affected by teeth grinding and the damage is often irreparable. Teeth grinding is also associated with a number of health complaints. The causes of bruxism are different but the most frequent cause is stress and anxiety.

Bruxism may result in damaged teeth, jaw problems and temporomandibular disorders, loss of hearing, distorted shape of the face among other complications. A study from Greece has...

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