High Blood Sugar Is Toxic to Your Nerves — Here’s How to Avoid It

High Blood Sugar Is Toxic to Your Nerves — Here’s How to Avoid It

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| By Loran Simon

feetDiabetes has a wide range of consequences. Uncontrollable blood sugar will make people predisposed to eye problems, cardiovascular disease, nerve damage and kidney damage.

Robert Bolash, MD, a pain management specialist, says that high blood sugar is toxic to the nerves. Damaged nerves will cause symptoms such as stabbing pain and a tingling pain.

Diabetic neuropathy which refers to nerve damage due to high blood sugar levels begins in the toes, ankles and the feet and transfers to other body parts. The nerve damage will also affect the wrists, hands, digestive system, the sex organs and the heart among other body parts. Strict control of blood sugar will prevent nerve damage.

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