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COVID-19 UPDATE - Our Somnowell Practitioners/Dentists are all operating under Covid secure conditions and are available to see patients for consultations and treatment.
National Stop Snoring Week


Introducing the world's leading oral appliance with 93 - 96% success rates! For: snoring, sleep apnoea, bruxism, TMJ, and retention.

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Somnowell Ambassador: Jonathan Davies OBE (Former British Rugby Player) Device fitted by Dr Matthew White

Visiting Professor Simon Ash

The Somnowell was invented by Visiting Professor Simon Ash, a highly respected Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist with over 30 years clinical experience, who has successfully treated thousands of patients, including doctors, dentists, lawyers, professors, celebrities, and royalty.Learn More

I have been practicing dental sleep medicine for over 10 years and can confidently state that the Somnowell device is the most comfortable oral appliance available for the treatment of OSA. It eliminates the three main complaints patients have with plastic devices: 1. Foul odor 2. Obstructed tongue space 3. Uncomfortable and bulky. I wear my Somnowell every night.Dr. John L Farringer III, DDS, Board Certified, The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
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I have been working in a major sleep studies unit, fitting a variety of mandibular advancement splints, for the last 17 years. The Somnowell appliance is by far the best appliance I have ever used. Some of my long-standing patients who have struggled with other custom-made splints have converted to the Somnowell and have been amazed at how easy it is to wear and how successful it is in curing their snoring and sleep apnoea. Dr. Lindsay Winchester, Specialist Orthodontist from a Major Sleep CentreRead More