What is the Best Treatment for TMJD?

What is the Best Treatment for TMJD?

The first step in the management of TMJD is recognition of the condition and giving the patient a diagnosis and name of the problem. There should additionally be reassurance and resting of the muscles. Other causes also have to be excluded, for example dental illness, partly erupted molar teeth, and ENT causes.

There are a number of beneficial local conservative treatments. Interventions range all the way from acupuncture, which is reported to give discomfort alleviation. Medications that Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons may prescribe in small doses, such as Tryciclic anti depressants which have a muscle relaxant effect. To surgery as a last resort. Oral Surgeons may open the Temperomandibular joints, but the risks are high, especially of nerve damage, and there is associated external facial scar tissue.

You will need to find a dentist that is trained and experienced in treating TMJD. A dentist may then fit an oral device, also known as a splint. This is a plastic device that fits over the teeth and appears like a sports mouth guard. The purpose of the splint is to reduce grinding and clenching that frequently happens at night whilst the patient is asleep.

The Somnowell oral appliance is made of chrome cobalt alloy. Like gold this is an ideal material for long-term use in the mouth. It does not suffer wear or tear in the oral environment and is highly resistant to oral fungi and bacteria. Furthermore it is extremely robust and the devices are small and discreet. The Somnowell is far less bulky than plastic devices due to the strength of the chrome cobalt alloy. The overall result is a much more comfortable device and an effective treatment for TMJD.

Often the Somnowell appliance will use a connector on the left and right hand side that holds the lower jaw forward. The Somnowell introduces very little vertical opening and as a result the jaw joint is in an upwards and forwards position. This seems to be preferable and gives relief and rest for the joint. The Somnowell appliance is worn in the mouth at night time and is designed to reduce clenching and grinding.