Why do People Snore

Why do People Snore

Snoring affects both women and men, old and young, little and large. Sleeping with a snorer can be exhausting and very frustrating. The snoring noise can feel like torture as you are kept from getting to sleep. Frequently the over the counter cures aren't effective. Occasionally the snorer is in a state of denial and will not deal with the problem. In the end you may end up having to sleep in the spare room or on the sofa. It is not surprising that snoring so frequently leads to friction in a relationship and even divorce in some cases.

Snoring is essentially a mechanical problem. The airway at the rear of the throat behind the tongue becomes smaller in some people when they sleep. This is due to an increase in fatty tissue, the effect of gravity when lying on your back, the loss of muscle tone, the relaxation of the muscles, the lower jaw and tongue dropping back, the shape and size of the lower jaw and tongue, or any mixture of all these reasons. The reduced airway means the air travels faster through the airway when we breath, this causes the relaxed soft tissues in the throat to vibrate which results in the snoring noise.

A gain in weight can cause someone who hasn't snored before to all of a sudden start snoring. This is due to the increase in weight around the neck. This extra weight causes the airway to narrow when you sleep. When you sleep the muscles also relax and the lower jaw can drop backwards. All this contributes to a narrowing of the airway.

Snoring on the whole is a life long problem, typically to the long suffering partner. Snoring can add strain to a relationship, upset sleep, result in expulsion of the guilty snorer to a separate bedroom or the sofa, and affect health.

Many remedies have been proposed for coping with this health issue starting from surgical procedures, jaw forward posturing devices, pillows, sprays, and even electric shocks. The most well researched and proven method is a mandibular advancement device made for the individual and supplied by a trained dentist.