The Most Hygineic Snoring Solution

The Most Hygenic Snoring Solution

The latest 4th generation mandibular advancement devices are made from cast chrome cobalt alloy, notably the Somnowell appliance. Historically chrome cobalt alloy has been the standard for partial dentures. Partial dentures are also made from acrylic, but the very best quality partial dentures will be made from chrome cobalt.

Like gold, chrome cobalt is an inert metal and resistant to colonization by bacteria and fungi. Chrome cobalt is extremely hard and robust. It also has excellent durability and longevity. In the oral environment chrome cobalt doesn't degrade or deform. Partial dentures made from chrome cobalt frequently last for decades. Chrome cobalt is a superb material for long-term use in the mouth and is well suited to the manufacture mandibular advancement devices. The device can be made to be very small and discreet, resulting in an appliance that users find very comfortable.

There are a number of problems with the alternative materials thermoplastic and heat cured acrylic plastic. In the oral environment these plastics have a tendency to degrade relatively quickly. There is a very wide variety of these kinds of plastic devices, they last anywhere from a matter of weeks to many months. In the end they all have to be replaced as they have degraded to such a point as to make them ineffective, hazardous, and unhygienic. Additionally plastic devices tend to be big, bulky and as a result uncomfortable. This is due to the material strength needed to achieve sufficient retention and forward posturing of the lower jaw.