What is the Difference Between a Custom Nightguard and Regular Nightguard?

Custom Nightguards and Regular Nightguards

Any oral device that will be worn for a long period should be designed for the person's mouth. Each person's mouth is unique, their jaw shape, jaw size, and teeth all differ.

To have the best prospects of protection and comfort, the mouth guard should be made to perfectly fit the individual's jaw and teeth. Almost all mouth guards, whether over-the-counter, or from a dentist, are made from plastic. This means that the devices are bulky and can be difficult for people to get used to wearing. The plastic has needed to be bulky to have the required strength.

There is another oral device for teeth grinding called the Somnowell that is made from chrome cobalt alloy. This material has been utilized for over 50 years in dentistry to make partial dentures. Its use in devices for bruxism is new however. The benefits are that the device is far smaller, many times more durable, and long lasting. The downsides are that it can only be acquired from a dentist. The clinical records required are more extensive, and the design and production is more complicated.

The Somnowell oral device works in a similar way as the other devices, the difference being that the chrome cobalt alloy is like gold and is excellent for long term use in the mouth. And like gold it doesn't suffer wear or tear in the oral environment, and is resistant to oral fungi and bacteria. The appliance is worn at night time only.